7 foods to get your digestion back on track after the holidays

After the delicious indulgences of the Holidays, here is a list of foods we need in order to get our digestive system back on track.


  • Pineapple: Fresh pineapple contains fiber and bromelain, an enzyme that promotes good digestion.

  • Cinnamon: Helps regulate the digestive system, digestion disorders and reduces bloating

  • Cayenne: Stimulates digestion and helps relieve stomach aches, intestinal gas and stomach pain

  • Lemon: Warm lemon water serves a perfect “first-thing-in-the-morning drink”, as it cleanses the liver and promotes good digestion.  It also prevents diarrhea and constipation problems.

  • Berries: Contain fiber that promotes good digestion

  • Ginger: Fresh ginger stimulates digestion and the metabolism. It also decreases gas and bloating. It’s considered an anti-inflammatory for the intestines.

  • Apple: High in fiber, apples help the flow in your colon and detoxify your liver. Rich in water, it provides good hydration

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