The 3 immediate benefits of a 3-day cleanse

One of the questions we get asked the most often is : how many days should I cleanse to benefit the most from its effects? The magic number is 3.  A 3-day cleanse is a mini-challenge that you will pass in flying colours, without it being constraining or encroaching on your calendar. 
Here are 3 immediate effects that you will feel after only 3-days of a Glow detox cleanse

1. A flat stomach and a sensation of lightness
A liquid diet based on superfood smoothies boosts your metabolism: after 3 days already, you will reap its rewards: a flatter stomach (buh-bye bloating!) and a lower weight on the scale.
2. Renewed desire for a healthy diet and reduction of cravings
Your 3-day cleanse is enough to break your bad eating habits and regain the willpower to take care of your diet. It is the first step towards the path to your healthy and balanced new lifestyle!

3. Strengthened immune system
With all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals included in the 3-day cleanse, you will get a high energy intake that will strengthen your immune system and boost your defences.
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3-day Glow Cleanse Detox Smoothies


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