The top 5 tips to eat healthy during the Holidays

Thanksgiving marks the kick-off of the holiday season. Time to gather and celebrate with friends and family the end of the year.  Celebrate, of course! But how to celebrate by making the right choice and not setting back your fitness and health goals?

The following tips will help you navigate safely at holiday parties, buffets, happy hour and the tempting desserts table.

1. Maintain your regular diet
Do not deprive yourself during the day just because you have a cocktail party in the evening. This will push you to overeat and make food choices you wouldn't normally make.

2. Always eat before
This will reduce your cravings and prevent you from overeating when you're eating out. Keep healthy snacks handy, like apples, mixed seeds & nuts, etc. You'll be less tempted later to throw yourself on the first plate of appetizers that the waiter brings by.

3. Alternate between non-alcoholic drinks and alcohol
Start the evening with a sparkling or still water, then have a drink. The basic rule of thumb to follow is to always drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks.

4. Choose vegetables-rich options
Always go for vegetables first. For starters, you can have vegetables as a leafy green salad or soup, and choose dishes with vegetables as a side dish. These nutrient-dense foods fill you up faster thanks to their fiber content.

5. Keep the same plate at a buffet
It certainly is not very visually appealing to have to look at chicken bones and other leftovers while you eat, but out of sight, out of mind! Keeping the same plate is an effective way to track your food choices.

Above all, do not feel guilty if you over-indulge and don't obsess over food. The holiday season is, after all, the time to have fun and enjoy the company your friends and your loved ones!


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