Why Bananas Are One of The World's Healthiest Foods

Move over apples ! A Banana (or two) a day really does keep the doctor away. Nature's perfectly packaged and portioned curvy fruit boasts a wide array of benefits. Not only do bananas taste good, but they are also good for you.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should go bananas for bananas:

      1. Natural Mood Booster: Did you know that bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.


      2. Improve Digestive Health: An average banana contains approximately 3 grams of fiber. Fiber has many health benefits including improved digestion and keeping things regular. Bananas also stimulate the growth of gut-friendly friendly bacteria. All this will keep your tummy happy and flat ! 


      3. Perfect Workout Snack: It's a great pre, during and post-workout (how convenient!). They are rich in minerals and easily digestible carbs. Bananas help prevent and relieve muscle cramps and provide fuel for workouts.


      4. Support Heart Functions: Bananas are rich in a mineral electrolyte called potassium, an essential mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function. 


      5. Weight Loss: Looking for something sweet to curb your cravings ? Grab a banana, it contains a fraction of the sugar of a candy bar and fiber to keep you full and prevent you from over-eating. 


Why Bananas Are One of The World's Healthiest Foods

Why Bananas Are One of The World's Healthiest Foods


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