You will receive an email with detailed instructions after you place your order. In the meantime here is a summary of the instructions:

  • Drink the smoothies in the prescribed order (1 to 6), but you can adapt the time frame on the bottles to your lifestyle
  • Stay hydrated between smoothies by drinking one Digestion Infusion between each smoothie
  • Have your first Aloe-Lemon Boost before smoothie #1 and the second before smoothie #2. Have your Activated Charcoal Boost after smoothie #4, and the second after smoothie #5.
  • Shake your smoothie before drinking it, and take your time to drink it, savor it as if you were having a meal
  • Refrigerate your smoothies as soon as you receive them, and keep them cool if you are having them on the road
  • Avoid eating solid foods during your smoothie cleanse
  • Plan your cleanse at a moment where you have down time 
  • You can exercise during your cleanse, but choose low impact and low intensity activities
  • Keep a healthy diet the days before and after your cleanse to maximize its benefits (we'll send you meal ideas)