For the past few years, I've been doing a Glow Cleanse 2 to 3 times a year. Each time, I am impressed by the amount of energy that I have after the cleanse. I also see a difference in the brightness my skin and all an improvement in my digestion. I often like to say that with Glow Cleanse, I do a "reset" of my stomach. In addition, the smoothies taste great.

— Isabelle Racicot

Glow Cleanse are quality smoothies, fresh good taste that make us to feel good. Doing the cleanse makes you feel both lighter and revitalized. A three-day cleanse that is good for the body and soul.

— Marie-Christine Proulx, Cultural columnist at Salut Bonjour, TVA

My cleanse with the Glow smoothies, was completely amazing! Go see their products, you will not be disappointed! Thank you for spreading the good health!

—Karl Hardy, host and author

Being a novice to liquid cleanses, I loved my experience with Glow Cleanse! Their smoothies are made with 100% fresh ingredients and the flavors were delicious and varied. The smoothie kept me full for the whole cleanse! A source of health and wellness in bottles!

— Vanessa Sicotte, Host of Sauvez les meubles!

After completing my Glow cleanse I felt fantastic; clear in mind and clear in body. Aside from being super tasty, these Superfood smoothies deliver countless health benefits. Nutrient rich smoothies such as these, provide us with access to bioavailable nutrition while preserving our precious digestive energy without compromise. In this way, instead of focusing on digesting and working through food that is high in calories yet poor in nutrients, our bodies can focus on the essential tasks of detoxification & purification, repairing our cells and building up and breaking down bodily structures.The Glow cleanse program is a must for anyone who wishes to press the re-set button on their health.

Desiree Abecassis BES, ND, D.Hom Founder of Resource Health Center

Fresh and raw fruit and vegetables smoothies provide essential nutrients that are easily assimilated by the organism. Glow Cleanse is an effective way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle and can be beneficial to any individual who would like to compensate for a period of food indulgence. After three days of a Glow Cleanse, you will feel lighter, more energetic and revitalized. 

— Dr Eva Pordan

My Glow Cleanse was simple, effortless and really delicious. The Glow team provided support every step of the way. I felt good throughout my cleanse and I would advise it to anyone who wants to feel revitalized. 

— Marcella de Vincenzo,

It was my first cleanse experience. At first I was a little afraid to feel hungry or tired, but the Glow Cleanse smoothies were delicious and filling. I loved feeling lighter and not bloated. "

- Khouloud Mansouri, CPA, CA and spinning instructor

Glow Cleanse: my little miracle! I am a mother and stepmother of 6 children between the ages of 3 and 17 years. Like all mothers, I forgot myself in the whirlwind of life ... Since the summer, I gained 15 pounds without realizing it, I felt heavy, uncomfortable and lifeless. I found on the Facebook page of Marie-Soleil Michon information about Glow Cleanse, which seemed like it could give me the little push I needed to take charge of myself again. I started my cleanse quickly and I was surprised! I did not feel hungry; with a smoothie every 3 hours, I was full! As a bonus, I lost 5 pounds in three days. I no longer feel bloated, my complexion is lighter and I feel energetic like never before . Glow Cleanse thank you, you helped me be a "full energy" Mom! I feel 10 years younger! "

- Edith

I can tell you that you have brought me alot of well-being. I have not felt this good in a long time! I, who always have bellyache, had no symptoms during the three days of my cleanse, it was wonderful! In addition, the smoothies taste great

- Chantal

The benefits of my Cleanse started from the initial preparation phase and have not stopped since. I took the opportunity to properly prepare my body, drink more water, herbal teas and tea rather than coffee and juices full of sugar. Following the advice of the transition phase I considerably increased my consumption of fruits and vegetables, and I'm preparing myself healthy snacks each day! I received many compliments on my radiant complexion and positive energy. I intend to do another cleanse when the need would be felt! 

- Marie-Hélène, Kinesiology student

My experience with Glow Cleanse has been very positive and refreshing! I must admit I was a bit hesitant at first to have to spend a few days consuming only liquids without any solid food whatsoever. However, the beautiful packaging of Glow Cleanse, the quality of the ingredients used, and the support I have received to help me prepare my body for the cleanse, gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to detox. The different drinks were delicious and filling. I was really pleased and encouraged by the results; I woke up the next day feeling healthy, revitalized, fresh and light. As a naturopath, I recommend it to anyone wishing to revitalize his body

- Miralda Naturopath

I loved my experience. I had a beautiful day where I took the time to take care of myself, be happy and feel good in my body. I did yoga, a facial, and hair and body exfoliation! I did not feel hunger; I had great energy and I was smiling all the time! My favorite cleanse was the Concoction Cacao, it is excellent, I would have drunk 15! 

- Marie-France, Medical Student


Glow Cleanse helped me get back on track after a vacation filled with delicious meals. It was my first time trying a liquid Cleanse, and I was pleasantly surprised that my body did not crave solid food. I felt good and full of energy throughout my cleanse, I lost some weight and my favorite pair of jeans fits me again like a glove! I decided to follow a Cleanse once a month! 

- Rita

I am pleasantly surprised with the result of my first course Glow Cleanse: at the end of the day, I felt much lighter compared to usually. Besides, I did not have to cook for a full day! I did not miss solid food, which is remarkable considering that I am a person who has a strong appetite and did not think I could last 24 hours without eating meat. The flavors of the Glow Cleanse smoothies were varied: my favorites are the Concoction Cacao and Rainbow Joy! I would even drink them during a normal day 

- Pierre

My Glow Cleanse detox felt great! The flavors of the drinks ranged from good to excellent. My body felt fine the next day, it was a revitalizing experience. I highly recommend the Glow Cleanse detox once a month or every two months. In fact, I will do a Glow cleanse regularly! 

- Nidal

My Glow Cleanse  gave me the motivation to eat healthy and take a better care of my body.

- Joanne