Select the cleanse and the length of the cleanse that best fit your goals and schedule. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned cleanser, Glow offers cleanses that are delicious and convenient.

Not sure where to start? We recommend our Bronze cleanse for  3 days, because it offers a wide variety of smoothies (including 2 green smoothies) and is a great introduction to cleanses.

For an experienced cleanser, we suggest the Silver or Gold cleanses that contain more green smoothies per day of cleanse for a more intense detox.

We recommend to select a delivery date for the day before you wish to start your cleanse. You can select the delivery day and address of your choice at checkout. 

Check out our Cleanse F.A.Q.'s for more details

Why Smoothies ?

The digestion of solid foods mobilizes a large part of your energy. With smoothies, your body absorbs vitamins, minerals and plant-based enzymes with less effort, as they are in liquid form. This gives your organism a break so it can focus on replenishing your body.

The Glow difference 

Our smoothies are whole real foods that are hand-blended, not pressed. With each smoothie you sip, you are drinking real food. Our smoothies are fiber-filled which makes them satiating and cleansing. They are nutrient-dense thanks to the whole and raw fruits, vegetables and superfoods they contain.

Benefits of a Glow detox cleanse 

  • Improved physical and mental well-being,
  • Increased energy level,
  • Reduction of cravings,
  • Feeling of lightness due to loss of water retention,
  • Subsequent weight loss,
  • Better quality of sleep,
  • Luminous skin,
  • Strengthened immune system

  • How often should I do a Glow cleanse?* 

  • At the start of each season,
  • Before/after occasions that can lead to food over-indulgence (vacations, holiday season),
  • After a period of stress,
  • When you feel you have less energy than usual,
  • When you need to fill up on energy,

  • *Plan your cleanse at a moment where you have time to take a break and pamper yourself


    The steps of your Glow cleanse

    1. Preparation

    Before your cleanse, it's important to prepare your body by progressively modifying your diet. We recommend to prepare for as many days as you will cleanse. 

    2. Cleanse

    Take the time to pamper yourself (facials, massages, body scrub, etc.) and to sweat (low intensity activities - no half-triathlons!). Relax and go to bed early

    3. Transition

    At the end of your cleanse, begin a progressive transition towards your regular diet following our instructions. We recommend to transition for as many days as you have cleansed. 


    We're here for you

    After placing your order, you'll receive emails with instructions and advice to support you throughout your cleanse. If you need more support or have any questions, contact-us !

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